Rum Bunter Radio Episode 87: The Darkest Days for the Pittsburgh Pirates


The latest episode of Rum Bunter Radio dives into the latest with the Pittsburgh Pirates, their rebuild and if fans should be losing faith in the front office

Things couldn’t get much worse for the Pittsburgh Pirates leading into the 2022 season, but after a brutal stretch and poor roster management, being a Pirate fan is once again being hopeless.

Ben Cherrington took over heading into the 2020 season. For obvious reasons year one was not optimal for a front office that had plans to start fresh and forget the feeling of helplessness within the game of baseball.

As the plan began to take shape it was easy to believe in the promises that had been made. While the big league club continued to struggle, trades were happening, many young seemingly talented prospects were being brought into the organization.

Not only did things appear to be heading in the right direction for the future chances of winning, but reports out of the clubhouse were exciting. Players were seemingly happy with the job that Ben Cherrington was doing, but plans are great until they aren’t.

In this episode of Rum Bunter Radio the crew is back to break down all of the horrors. How did things get to this point? Which part of Ben Cherrington’s plan has lined the organization of this level of failure?

To start, the guys go over what the plan was and the first moves we saw under this regime. Where those players are now, and the idea behind Cherrington’s early trade strategy.

Losing baseball is no fun. Losing at this rate, with daily lineups that aren’t close to that of Pittsburgh’s peers is embarrassing and confusing. WHEN WILL IT END?

The answer as you may have learned from following Rum Bunter coverage or existing on planet Earth as a fan of the Pirates; It never ends.

When it comes to development, often times with players in the organization there has been no progress or even in some cases, regression.

In short the ballclub finds itself at the absolute pits of despair. Is it time to move on from Ben Cherrington? Derek Shelton? Give up entirely?

All these answers and more in episode 87 of Rum Bunter Radio!

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