The Pittsburgh Pirates Plan to Keep the 2022 Coaching Staff

(Photo by Kelsey Grant/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kelsey Grant/Getty Images) /

The Pittsburgh Pirates had some questionable lineups and decisions made all throughout the season.  What does that mean for the coaches?

The Pittsburgh Pirates have had back-to-back seasons with 100 losses.  This is the first time in Franchise history since the 1950s.  With 20 years of losing, no Pittsburgh Pirates team accomplished this feat.

Meanwhile, many managers and other coaches would be fired in much better windows of time.  John Russell was let go after just 1, 100 loss season.  So what are the Pittsburgh Pirates plans in 2022 for their coaching staff?

The Bucs have suffered three straight abysmal seasons.  While the quality of players on the field has improved the win-loss numbers have not.  The team is younger and has more upside than they have in a long while, but will those players get the chance to become everyday players?

Fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates saw manager Derek Shelton often give days off for prospects in order to get players like Josh Van Meter and Yoshi Tsutsugo at-bats.  Even after the trade deadline, we saw Shelton place hot hitters on the bench for matchup purposes.

In a lot of ways, this could be detrimental to young players’ development.  On the other hand, we do not know the whole story/reasoning behind those decisions.  Only the coaching staff is privy to that information.

Well, it looks like we will see what the lineups will look like next year.  Today Pittsburgh Pirates General Manager Ben Cherington met with the local media for his end-of-the-year

remarks.  Cherington noted that the plan is to bring back the 2022 coaching staff for 2023:

Personally, I am indifferent about this.  Many times with young players there is more of a plan that teams follow rather than playing the hot hand all the time.   Derek Shelton needs to start showing a change in 2023.  He needs to start playing the best players every day.  Also, there needs to be more of an investment into winning from himself and the other coaches, rather than the usual passiveness for losing we have seen. If not, then next year at this time we need to see changes.