Pittsburgh Pirates: Christian Vasquez Should be a Free Agent Target

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Mandatory Credit: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports /
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Potential FA target for the Pittsburgh Pirates
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So, instead of trying to wait it out until Endy Rodriguez and Henry Davis are promoted, why not sign a legitimate veteran to help provide experience to the position going forward?  After all, the Universal DH helps get that extra bat into the lineup.  Plus, it is rare to find an everyday catcher anymore.

The team should look to a free agent to be from the Houston Astros, Christian Vasquez.  Vasquez is 32 years of age, which makes him two years younger than Roberto Perez. Obviously, 32 is not young but none of the veteran free-agent catchers are under the age of 30.

The current Astro backstop also has ties to Ben Cherington. Vasquez was drafted in 2008 by the Boston Red Sox.  At the time Cherington was serving as Vice President of Player Personnel, a similar position to which he held in Toronto before coming to Pittsburgh.  This of course means that Cherington was more or less one of the top people running Boston’s Draft at the time.

Chances are Cherington is familiar with Vasquez through the years in the Northeast.  Maybe, this will be a reason for this Front Office to aggressively pursue him. Vasquez had a strong 2022 batting .274 and put together a 2 WAR season.  He has always been noted for his ability behind the plate as well.  Bringing him in on a two-year deal should not be out of the question.