Pirates Rumors: Toronto Blue Jays Interested in Bryan Reynolds

Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports /

The Pittsburgh Pirates saw their best overall hitter ask for a trade over this past weekend.  It looks like something could happen with Toronto.

It is very unfortunate that the Pittsburgh Pirates and Bryan Reynolds could not work out a long-term deal.  There can be many thoughts about why or why the team should not extend him that is for sure.  However, Bryan Reynolds also has to do what he deems is best for him, his family, and his career.

So he approached the Pittsburgh Pirates about a trade the day before the Winter Meetings.  This obviously was a calculated series of events played out by Reynolds and his agent.  For the information to come out the day before the Winter Meetings start, sure would give a lot of teams someone to call the Pirates about right away. It was a good way to generate interest from teams in Reynolds.  Especially, if they are trying to put pressure on the Pirates to just make a deal and move on.

Reynolds is the most popular talked about trade chip on the market right now. It has already been reported that the New York Yankees, Colorado Rockies, and the Atlanta Braves have shown interest in the outfielder.  Well according to Jon Morosi of MLB Network, there is another American League East team interested.  Morosi tweeted that the Toronto Blue Jays have interest in the switch-hitter:

The Blue Jays always make for an interesting match.  Obviously dealing with a team from the American League is preferable.  Also, General Manager Ben Cherington worked for the Blue Jays before being hired by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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Many have been waiting for the two sides to meet on a deal, but nothing prominent has materialized just yet. Could this be the first deal that Cherington really gets a chance to get “his guys” from the Blue Jays?  Part of me does not want him to.  The Blue Jays’ farm system is not very strong. They currently only have 2 Top 100 prospects according to FanGraphs.  The Jays would have to get creative to make a deal work for the most valuable center fielder on the market.