Rum Bunter Radio: Breaking Down Choi, Santana, Other Moves

Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /

In this episode of Rum Bunter Radio, the crew returns to discuss the Pittsburgh Pirates active start to the 2022-2023 offseason.

We start the show by taking a look at some of the new veteran power being added to the Pittsburgh Pirates lineup. A low-risk trade brings in Ji-Man Choi, and a free-agent contract will add another first-base option in Carlos Santana.

Bob Nutting, Ben Cherrington, and the rest of Pittsburgh’s front office suggest that they will field a team with the intention of playing competitive baseball on a nightly basis; something we haven’t seen since the regime arrived on the North Shore.

Where will these two slot into a lineup with little major-league experience? How much of an impact can each make at this point in their career?

This news came in conjunction with headlines of Kevin Newman’s departure from the organization. A trade with the Cincinnati Reds sends Newman south and will bring in right-handed pitcher Dauri Moreta.

The guys project what is next, and what will unfold at the rapidly approaching Winter Meetings. How will the club address a bullpen in drastic need of major league-ready help? Will the Pirates add another veteran starter as we’ve seen the past few seasons?

To close out the episode Marty and Trey take a dive into expectations for the 2022 season, and the changes to expectations from the time Ben Cherrington took office to the stretch we find ourselves in now.

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Offseason madness is officially here, and the Pittsburgh Pirates are a willing participant. Batten down the hatches, clear the decks, and enjoy this episode of Rum Bunter Radio!

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