Pittsburgh Pirates: Actually Spend and Make the 2023 Team Better

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Pittsburgh Pirates
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have been relatively active so far this offseason.  However, if they truly want to take a step forward they need to get aggressive.

Over the last two seasons, the Pittsburgh Pirates have suffered 100 losses.  We as fans of the team have also suffered through those games.  Unless Bob Nutting or anyone from the Front Office has their head in a hole, then they have to know people are not happy.  Fans are sick of dealing with the lackluster product being put out each year.

I have always tried to be patient and optimistic regarding the process.  I understand the positives and negatives of a potential Bryan Reynolds decision.  However, what I do not understand is the lack of meaningful spending elsewhere.  If the team does not want to extend and player on a big contract into his mid-30s, that is fair.  The Pittsburgh Pirates are a small market team and if this is their plan on how to keep competitive (similar to the Rays) then so be it.

What is frustrating is when there are glaring holes in the Pittsburgh Pirates roster. Yet again we are seeing those holes filled with veteran players who likely will not be here past 2023.  The team picking up Carlos Santana and Ji-Man Choi is fine.  Creative spending to fix first base until a prospect is ready. They could have also been more aggressive and offered up more than a measly $6.7 million to Santana.

However, bringing in pitching was viewed as something even more important.  So far the team has brought in 3 arms to help out in 2023.  This includes veteran Vince Velasquez, former Giants reliever Jarlin Garcia, and Rule V pick-up Jose Hernandez.