Pittsburgh Pirates: Actually Spend and Make the 2023 Team Better

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Pittsburgh Pirates
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All three of these players will make a combined $7 million or so.  Three pitchers, who are expected to be on the team in 2023 signed for only $7 million dollars.  Meanwhile, it was reported that the team had an interest in signing Kyle Gibson and/or Jose Quintana.  Gibson signed for 1 year, $10 million while Quintana received a 2-year deal for $13 million a year.

Both of those numbers are higher than what they have spent altogether.  Now could those three players work out and be productive?  Sure, but the point still remains that Bob Nutting and the Front Office are still not serious about improving this ball club. In fact, Ben Cherington kind of admitted to that earlier in the week.  Jason Mackey tweeted the quote earlier in the week:

This is an actual quote from the General Manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Did he mean it the way it sounds?  Who knows, but this is an odd response by Cherington.  Everyone knows the Pittsburgh Pirates are cheap, but it has always been assumed that was coming from the Owner.  This suggests that the team does indeed have money spent, probably significant money.

Yes, the quality of players that the Bucs have brought in is higher than those signed in previous offseasons.  Still, it is not meaningful money that is being spent.  This is buying low on potential impact players, instead of buying impact players.  Until the Pittsburgh Pirates go out and sign a player coming off just a normal season for once.  It doesn’t even have to be a great season, just a legitimate established player. The Pittsburgh Pirates need to be better, now it is time to start spending.