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Rookie of the Year - Mike Burrows

Anyone who reads Rum Bunter with regularity, especially those who have for a long time, knows that there are few pitchers in the Pirate farm system we are higher on than Mike Burrows. The righty should join the Pirate starting rotation sometime this summer. When he does, he might be able to compete for NL Rookie of the Year.

Last season, Burrows reached the Triple-A level for the first time in his professional career. He is now positioned to start the season in Indy's starting rotation. This will put him on the doorstep of the majors.

Burrows is the king of spin rates. His fastball has plus movement, and his curveball, thanks in large part to its spin rate, has the potential to be a great pitch. Last season he developed his changeup into a potential plus pitch as well.

This spring, Burrows has been working to add to his repertoire. His slider could give Burrows yet another plus pitch that he can have at his disposal to put away batters.

Burrows could do even bigger things than being the Pirate Rookie of the Year this season. He could legitimately contend for NL Rookie of the Year. Either way, watching Burrows reach the majors and begin to cement his place in Pittsburgh will be fun.