2023 Pittsburgh Pirates Rum Bunter Staff Predictions: Marty Leap

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets
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Bold prediction - someone signs a long-term extension

While some people may see this as really bold. Bob Nutting is cheap, he does not want to pay players, the Pittsburgh Pirates will never extend anyone, etc., etc. We get it. We've heard it all before. That said, the Nutting led Pirates have a good track record of extending their players.

Ke'Bryan Hayes is the latest example of this. This season, someone else joins that club. If I were putting money on it my money would still be on something getting done with Bryan Reynolds. If not Reynolds, maybe it's Oneil Cruz or Mitch Keller.

It would make sense for the Pirates to attempt to extend Cruz ASAP. He is only going to keep getting more and more expensive as he flashes his elite potential. Again, not sure who it will be, but look for someone to get an extension with the team this season.