3 Pittsburgh Pirates taking advantage of their 2024 Spring Training action

Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day
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One question that will always be asked regarding Major League Baseball Spring Training, is whether or not players' stats should be taken with a grain of salt or not. This same question is likely running through fans of the Pirates already this Spring. There is really no correlation between how players perform in Spring versus the regular season. However, one thing is for certain it is better for players to perform well rather than not.

This might seem obvious but why knock a player performing well in Spring for doing what said player is supposed to be doing, producing? Essentially any camp battle for a position is likely going to be based on this. For instance, the Pirates have a camp battle for the starting second base job. The battle is between Jared Triolo, Liover Peguero, and Nick Gonzales. All three have Big League experience so what will give one the edge over the other two? It has to be who performs best, who actually earns the job.

Now there is always fools gold which is why many say to take Spring stats with a grain of salt. Former first-round pick Kevin Newman hit over .600 during the 2021 Spring Training schedule. He would go on to have a batting average of just .226 for the 2021 season. Still, Newman's performance that Spring made him the clear-cut shortstop for the 2021 season. So who are some players that are taking advantage of Spring Training so far? Let's take a look: