3 Pittsburgh Pirates taking advantage of their 2024 Spring Training action

Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day
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So far this Spring, Jared Triolo, a 26-year-old infielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, is making a strong case for himself as the frontrunner for the starting second base position. Triolo, who had an impressive rookie season in 2023 with a batting average of .298, seems to be continuing his momentum into the new season. Many wondered if it was a flash in the pan or if Triolo truly could be a future everyday player for the Bucs.

Triolo's performance in the spring games indicates his potential to contribute significantly to the team's success. In his recent appearances, he has demonstrated solid offensive capabilities, with a batting average of .400 and an on-base percentage of .455. Additionally, Triolo has displayed power at the plate, evidenced by his slugging percentage of .800 and an impressive OPS (On-base Plus Slugging) of 1.255.

These statistics suggest that Triolo is not only maintaining his form from his rookie season but also possibly improving upon it. One question about Triolo was whether or not he would be able to show more power in his approach. So far he has a home run and double which is good to see. Overall his play bodes well for his prospects of securing the starting second base job for the Pirates in the upcoming season.