3 Pittsburgh Pirates taking advantage of their 2024 Spring Training action

Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day
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Termarr Johnson, the talented 20-year-old prospect for the Pittsburgh Pirates and former 4th overall pick, is making waves in the 2024 spring training. Despite his young age, Johnson has caught the attention of many with his exceptional performance, showcasing both his hitting ability and a mature approach to the game.

With a batting average of .500 and an impressive on-base percentage of .539, Johnson is proving himself to be one of the standout performers in the Grapefruit League this spring. His slugging percentage of 1.083 further emphasizes his offensive prowess, contributing to an outstanding OPS of 1.622.

While Johnson may not be immediately considered for a spot on the Pirates' opening-day roster, his stellar showing in spring training has positioned him favorably to potentially start at the AA level. This advancement would place him closer to reaching his ultimate goal of playing in the Major Leagues, possibly even within the current season. This would also be pretty unique for the Pirates to have such a young hitter at such an advanced minor-league level.

Johnson like Henry Davis was a first round pick by the Pirates. Triolo, was a 2nd round selection. It is nice to see former top picks actually performing.

Johnson's impressive performance not only gives a quick glimpse of his talent but also suggests significant potential for future success within the Pirates organization. The future with Johnson could be sooner rather than later, although the infield is a bit crowded already. However, by this time next year if none of Triolo, Peguero, or Gonzales has locked down the 2nd base job then Johnson very well could be the guy for 2025.