3 players from the Angels that the Pirates should consider acquiring

The Angels are reportedly starting to listen to trade calls on certain players. Let's take a look at three playes the Pirates should consider acquiring to boost their team.
Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers
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Willie Calhoun

Willie Calhoun is a veteran outfielder. He has bounced around from the minors to majors for his entire career, but has managed to stick with the Angels this year. Los Angeles signed Calhoun this offseason to a minor league contract but was selected to join the team in May. Not only does he play outfield, but he has played 27 innings this season at first base throughout the minors and majors.

Calhoun got off to a very hot start when he was recalled, but recently his bat has cooled off. Through 83 at bats, Calhoun has a .277 batting average with one home run and five runs batted in. He also has an OPS of .713, which includes an on-base percentage of .291 and a slugging percentage of .422. His wRC+ is 97 and has a strikeout percentage of just 11.6%. Calhoun does have power in his bat, which was displayed in 2019 when he hit 21 home runs. Although he hasn't hit home runs this year, he has hit nine doubles.

Statcast metrics have shown that Calhoun has gotten unlucky. His expected batting average is .335, making him the 15th-unluckiest hitter out of the 342 who have put at least 50 balls in play. He also has a plus average exit velocity of 90.2 miles per hour.

Calhoun would be a cheap pickup for the Pirates to boost their outfield depth and a possible replacement for Rowdy Tellez. Similarly to Cimber, Pittsburgh could acquire Calhoun with an unranked prospect.