5 Pittsburgh Pirates players under pressure entering the 2024 season

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No. 1 - Henry Davis

Davis is coming into this year with the most pressure in my mind. This is the example where there is pressure on the player, scouting department, front office, pretty much all parties involved. The reason for the most pressure is that he is a former no. 1 overall pick in the MLB Draft.

He was not just selected no. 1 overall, he was selected no. 1 overall in order to be the team's long-term answer at catcher. Something that still seems to be far from a guarantee for Davis and the Pirates.

Davis has been limited to say the least at the catching experience in the majors. It is rumored that it there is the notion that his defense is not good enough to play at the major league level. This is concerning to hear.

With Endy Rodriguez out for the season, the pressure is all on Davis to be the catcher and live up to the no. 1 overall pick. Hopefully, the Pirates let him play catcher until the point where the defense is showing to be so bad that he cannot be back there.

I have not seen any sign that his defense is as atrocious as rumored, but looking back at this pick it will be a great failure by all parties involved if he cannot produce as a MLB catcher. If he can not catch then there is even more pressure added to his bat, allowing him to produce as a right fielder or designated hitter.