5 Pittsburgh Pirates players under pressure entering the 2024 season

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No. 2 - Quinn Priester/Roansy Contreras/Luis Ortiz

Someone has to step up and round out the rotation. I lump these three players together as they were all individually prospects that had high expectations to be instant impact pitchers in a lack lust rotation.

Out of these three players, Contreras may be the easiest to worry about. Contreras was extremely ineffective last season, on his way to losing his spot in the starting rotation and eventually the active roster as he was optioned back down to the FCL in an effort to address his struggles.

Ortiz may not be far behind Contreras. As for Priester, there are plenty of reasons for worry as well but he also has just 10 career appearances. At least one of these pitchers need to step up and take the ball every 5th day and give the team a chance to win the ball game. That will make the back of the starting rotation one of the biggest battles to watch in spring training.