Best late round draft prospects in the Pirates' system

Let's look at the Pirates' best late round draft prospects in the system.
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Who are the best prospects in the Pittsburgh Pirates' system who were taken in a late round of the draft?

Many of MLB's best players were early-round draft picks, but there is a wealth of talent that has been found in the later rounds of the draft. Pittsburgh Pirates' legend Dave Parker, as well as other all-time greats like Albert Pujols, Nolan Ryan, Ryne Sandberg, and John Smoltz, are Hall of Famers who were taken in the 10th round or later. 

But it is harder to find top talent late into the draft. It's unsurprising that most of the Pirates' best talent was early-round picks. Of the Pirates' top ten prospects on MLB Pipeline who were acquired through the draft, only one was taken beyond the third round. However, the Pirates have more noteworthy talent in the system beyond just this one prospect who was taken in the late stages of the draft.

Today, I want to highlight some of the best talent in the system that was taken in the 10th round or later. This is also chronological, going from the least recent to the most recent.