Best late round draft prospects in the Pirates' system

Let's look at the Pirates' best late round draft prospects in the system.

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Charles McAdoo

The Pirates' next pick after Curtis in the 12th round was utility man Charles McAdoo in the 13th round. An infielder/outfielder out of San Jose State, McAdoo is a bat-first utility prospect who has shown some potential with the stick, both in his time during college and in his brief playing time late last year with Bradenton.

McAdoo batted .325/.409/.543 throughout his final year at San Jose. He walked nearly as often as he struck out, with an 11.9 percent walk rate and a 15.2 percent strikeout rate. McAdoo went yard ten times with 19 doubles in just 269 plate appearances. In 600 plate appearances, that's a rate of 22 home runs and 42 doubles. 

McAdoo then made a 114 plate appearance cameo with Bradenton where he went on to bat .302/.412/.510 with a .431 wOBA, and 151 wRC+. He continued to walk and strikeout at near identical rates with 17 free passes to oppose 22 K's. McAdoo added some pop to Bradenton's line-up with five home runs and a .208 isolated slugging percentage.

A 6'2", 210-pound presence in the batter's box, McAdoo has the size and strength to hit for some pop. He also showed off some raw power in the Northwoods Summer League, a wood-bat collegiate league, in 2022 with a .270 isolated slugging percentage. McAdoo's lower half is a bit stiff in the box, as he already has a wide stance. McAdoo is more of a hit-over-field prospect but has some utility. His primary position is second base, but he also logged innings at first base and left field at A-ball. He best profiles at these positions.

McAdoo has hit well at multiple levels now: college, collegiate summer ball, and A-ball. He just turned 22 earlier this month and has always been decent at limiting strikeouts while still drawing walks and hitting for some pop. He could turn some heads if he hits anything like he did in college and/or like he did for Bradenton late last season.