Compiling and comparing the WAR of moves by the Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates v Oakland Athletics
Pittsburgh Pirates v Oakland Athletics / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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However, there are two other teams that have had a lot of positives to reflect on in terms of their offseason acquisitions. First off, the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs have had 6 additions make impacts this season. Their biggest of course has been Shota Imanaga who has already accumulated a WAR of 1.4 overall the Cubs have gained 3.2 WAR from the 6 players brought in. Yes, the Cubs are a bigger market than the Pirates, but decisions are still decisions and the Cubs seemed to have made the right ones.

The Milwaukee Brewers are in the same boat as the Cubs. The players they brought in have also produced a WAR of 3.2. Their top addition is Joey Perez, who they received as part of the return for Corbin Burnes. Notable their first base acquisition, Rhys Hoskins, has produced a WAR worth 0.4 already.

This is significant. The Pirates are supposed to be just as good as these teams, if not better.

The Milwaukee Brewers were not even supposed to be really competing this season, yet their offseason acquisitions have produced significantly better than the Pirates. WAR is not everything, but it gives a quick snapshot at just how poor the Pirates staff put together this 2024 roster.