Cutch is Back! | Rum Bunter Radio Andrew McCutchen Return Breakdown

Pittsburgh Pirates v St Louis Cardinals - Game One
Pittsburgh Pirates v St Louis Cardinals - Game One / Elsa/GettyImages

Andrew McCutchen has officially returned to the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Rum Bunter Radio crew is here to discuss it! Make sure to check out this feel good, positivity driven episode of Rum Butner Radio.

Arguably the best news Pittsburgh Pirates fans could hear this impactful offseason was one that has become a reality; Cutch is back!!

Rum Bunter Radio is here to break it all down as the former MVP and Pirate legend is set to return for at least 2023.

What kind of role will Andrew McCutchen have with this mix of young and old in the upcoming season? Including the big role he can play as a leader in the clubhouse and on the field for the young Pirate talent.

How long will Andrew's career continue? Are the Pirates evil enough to trade him at the deadline?

Should the Pittsburgh Pirates have traded him in the first place? Speaking of that, (potentially) seeing Cutch and Bryan Reynolds in the outfield together will be an interesting sight.

To close out the show the crew shares their favorite memories from the Andrew McCutchen era of Pirates baseball, and set the stage for his 2023 return.

Batten down the hatches, clear the decks and enjoy this Rum Bunter Radio special!

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