David Bednar: Pittsburgh Pirates Roberto Clemente Award Nominee

New York Yankees v Pittsburgh Pirates
New York Yankees v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin Berl/GettyImages

The Roberto Clemente Award, a prestigious accolade in Major League Baseball, recognizes players who embody the values of baseball, sportsmanship, community engagement, and their contributions to their team. This year, the Pittsburgh Pirates have nominated their standout closer, David Bednar, for this distinguished honor. Bednar's nomination goes beyond his exceptional performance on the field; it reflects his commitment to the principles cherished by the award's namesake.

Bednar, a Moon Township native, exemplifies the award's spirit through his dedication to the game and the community. He actively engages in charitable endeavors, mirroring Roberto Clemente's philanthropic legacy.

Bednar's nomination is particularly special due to his hometown connection. Roberto Clemente was an iconic figure known for his inspirational journey from Puerto Rico to the Major Leagues. The closer for the Pittsburgh Pirates has attended two all-star games so far in his career, the last two. Still, winning an award like this will probably hit differently as it exemplifies the work you do off the field as well.

If Bednar wins the Roberto Clemente Award, it would be a moment of immense pride for Pirates fans and a heartwarming tale for the entire Moon Township community. Also for the city of Pittsburgh as the man whom the award is named after is the most iconic player in their history.

The last player for the Pittsburgh Pirates to win the award was none other than Andrew McCutchen in 2015. So it is long overdue for the award to return to the city of Pittsburgh.

David Bednar's nomination serves as a reminder of the positive influence of sports, both on and off the field. His dedication to his community and the sport epitomizes the spirit of Roberto Clemente, making him an unquestionably deserving nominee. As much of an impact Bednar has made for the Pittsburgh Pirates he has made one on the community too.