Diary of a long-suffering Pirates' fan: Is it time to bring back the old parrot?

The Old Parrot had a winning record and a world series on its resume. The current parrot does not.
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But let’s address the elephant (or should I say the old parrot) in the room.  The old parrot is associated with a drug scandal.  Even though it was the person inside the costume and not the costume itself that was involved in the crimes, the costume gets blamed.  And while most fans do not know this sorted history of the Pirate Parrot, said story would certainly resurface if the Pirates were to attempt a reconciliation with the old Parrot.

And secondly, there would be the problem of the owner.  Even if someone could come around to giving the old parrot another chance, would Bob Nutting be willing to put two parrots on the payroll when he can’t even find it in his heart and in his wallet to pay for a decent free agent starting pitcher? 

But I digress.

Athletes who screw up are given second and third chances all the time.  After 38 years, is it time to forgive the original Parrot?  The only parrot, superstition or not, that ever has been a mascot or a Pirates team that won a World Series championship.

I say, bring him back.