Free agent pitchers the Pittsburgh Pirates can pursue on incentive based contracts

The Pirates should go after these two veteran pitchers who will likely sign back-loaded contracts.

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The Pittsburgh Pirates could make a play for the second half of 2024 if they pursued these two free agent pitchers on performance based contracts

The Pittsburgh Pirates should be making moves to improve the team now. That’s pretty obvious. But there could be an opportunity right now for them to improve their chances of winning in the future. There are two free agents right now who would miss a good portion of the upcoming 2024 season and at least the first half of the 2024 season. However, a back-loaded two-year deal would ensure the Pirates could get them back in 2025.

As I previously wrote, the Pirates could make some serious improvements to their pitching staff heading into the second half of 2024. Multiple up-and-coming prospects will be making their debuts in June, with the return of JT Brubaker and Mike Burrows, it might be wise to make a second-half play now, and these two pitchers fit that bill.