It's Time for the Pittsburgh Pirates to Meet Bryan Reynolds in the Middle

Sep 23, 2022; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Bryan Reynolds (10)
Sep 23, 2022; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Bryan Reynolds (10) / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Bryan Reynolds trade talk dominated the Pirate offseason, but there could still be a middle ground where the two sides could meet for a long-term extension

At this point we all know the drill. Bryan Reynolds wants a lomg-term contract extension. The Pittsburgh Pirates have a desire to extend Reynolds long-term. However, the two sides have yet to reach an agreement on a deal.

At this point it's clear what needs to be done. The two sides need to meet in the middle. Now, ultimately, that may hinge more on the Pirate organization than it does Reynolds. But there is undoubtedly a middle ground here.

Reynolds met with the media on Sunday. While he said the Pirates had not made him any additional contract extension offers, he remains open to a long-term deal with the team. With this in ind the Pirates should come to the table with a new offer for Reynolds.

This offer should be something in the range of seven-years, $110-115 million. This is a deal that the Pirates can easily afford to pay Reynolds. While it would keep Reynolds in Pittsburgh through his prime seasons, it would also give him one more big chance to cash in via free agency in his career. It is also an offer that would likely satisfy the desire of the Reynolds camp in contract talks.

Sooner rather than later contract talks need to spark back up between the two sides. If this does not happen, then it is hard to envision the Pirates being able to get a long-term deal done with Reynolds. And, hell, maybe that's already wishful thinking.

What matters is that the window is open. The window to getting an extension done with Reynolds is open. At one point this offseason that window was not open. However, with that window now open again the Pirates need to react by meeting Reynolds in the middle and getting an extension done.

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