Minor league signings that could make the Pirates' Opening Day roster

Let's look at some Pirates' minor league signees that could make the team's Opening Day roster.
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Which minor league signings currently in camp with the Pittsburgh Pirates could make the team's Opening Day roster?

It looks like the Pittsburgh Pirates could be without Dauri Moreta for an extended period of time, at least to start the 2024 season. The long relief spot was already up for contention at the start of the preseason, which could lead to the Pirates having open competition for multiple bullpen spots.

It’s still rather early into Spring Training, but there are definitely some names that stand out among their minor league signees. Some have already taken a lead in any potential competition for a final bullpen. Although not all of these players will make the Opening Day roster, you could find one or two on the roster as the team heads into its first regular season game.