Mock drafting the first three picks Pittsburgh Pirates’ 2024 draft

The Pittsburgh Pirates will have three picks in the first 50, so who could they take with these three selections?
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The 2024 Major League Baseball amateur draft is still about two and a half months away, but it'll be here before you know it. The Draft takes place during All-Star Weekend and has become much bigger in terms of coverage than it has ever been. The Pittsburgh Pirates landed the 9th overall pick in the lottery from this year's December Winter Meetings. They'll once again look to add some more talent to an already talented farm system, and having a top-ten pick will certainly give them that chance.

The Pirates should always draft the best player available if they can. However, Bonus restrictions and the fact that both College and High School players can be drafted make it not as straightforward as other professional sports drafts. but this year, I think they should put a focus on position players, especially college ones, with their first few picks. Nearly all of the Pirates' high-end hitting talent isn't even at Double-A yet. The Pirates have three picks in the top 50, that being their first-round selection, their competitive balance round A pick (37th selection), and their second-round pick (47th selection). So let us do a three-pick mock draft as to who the Pittsburgh Pirates could take with these three selections in 2024.