One draft prospect at each position that should be on the Pittsburgh Pirates’ radar

Going position by position, who are some players that should be on the Pittsburgh Pirates' draft radar from this year's class?
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Left field

Mike Sirota

Mike Sirota was coming off a big year in 2023 with Northeastern University. His OPS was well over 1.100 at 1.149, and he fell just two home runs and a stolen base shy of a 20/20 season. But Sirota hasn’t had a great start to the 2024 season. However, his athleticism and approach to the plate is excellent and he has five-tool potential.

Like I just stated, Sirota did not get off to his best start in 2024. Currently, he is only hitting .264/.407/.411. He is striking out 24.1% of the time, but has an impressive 17.9% walk rate. Sirota hasn’t hit for much power so far this year and has a .147 ISO, but last year, he clocked in at .332. But there is still plenty of time for him to turn his 2024 campaign around.

One thing that is extremely promising, aside from his 2023 season, is that Sirota has done extremely well in the Cape Cod League. In 144 plate appearances, he has hit .312/.465/.477. The power was certainly down, especially compared to his college career with just a .165 ISO, but he has walked at a high 18.8% rate, albeit with a much less impressive 22.9% strikeout rate.

While he hasn’t been great in 2024, that shouldn’t scare off teams entirely. Sirota is a five-tool player, but even if he doesn’t have an attribute safely into the ‘plus’ range, he just does everything well. There’s also a high ceiling here with Sirota, given his outstanding athleticism.