Pirates get two representatives for the All Spring Breakout Teams

Pittsburgh Pirates v Baltimore Orioles
Pittsburgh Pirates v Baltimore Orioles / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

The Pirates played the Baltimore Orioles in their Spring Breakout Game. This was a new addition to the Spring Training that Major League Baseball thought would be a good idea. Like many of the things that Major League Baseball has done over the last year or two, this game was also a success among fans and players alike.

The Pittsburgh Pirates were center stage against the Orioles on Thursday, March 14th, in a Nationally televised game. The Orioles, who have one of the best if not the best farm systems in all of Baseball, were a big draw to the game. The same can be said for the Pirates, who also boast one of the better farm systems in Baseball. Of course, the real highlight was that 2023 first overall selection Paul Skenes would be getting the start.

Well, Jonathan Mayo of MLB Pipeline released the first and second teams for the Spring Breakout games. Think this as similar to All-Americans in collegiate sports. Skenes along with Patrick Reilly were named among the talented list of 30 players. Skenes was noted to be on the first team while Reilly was placed on the second team.

Skenes did not disappoint and the Pirates pitchers in general look very good in this game.

The other pitcher from the Pirates organization that stood out according to MLB Pipeline was pitcher Patrick Reilly who struck out the side the side in the 6th. Reilly, a 5th round selection in 2023, hit 96 miles per hour on two of his strikeouts.

Skenes impressed, striking out the first fellow 2023 first round pick Enrique Bradfield Jr. with three straight triple-digit fastballs, including one at 102 miles per hour. He also punched out Jackson Holliday on a 3-2 pitch. Holliday is considered to be the top prospect in all of Baseball and like Skenes should make his debut at some point in 2023.