Pirates organization and ownership exposed in recent article

Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates
Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates / George Gojkovich/GettyImages

One thing that nearly every fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates can agree on is that all the problems really boil down to one person, owner Bob Nutting. Nutting, who became the majority of the team in January of 2007, has always been notoriously cheap when it comes to investing real money into a competitive team. While we as fans know this, it is always refreshing to see it brought to light at a more national level.

The Athletic recently did this exact thing. Stephen Nesbitt and Ken Rosenthal put together a post that is not surprising but yet very telling. The two gathered information from former and current players and staff from the Organization. They did not paint a great picture and maybe a public national call-out will give a wake-up call to the owner and Front Office to actually invest.

There are a few points that stick out from the article. Gerrit Cole speaks in it, he reflects on the fan base in a positive way. There is also a story of the team waiting a day to make a trade to save an extra $30,000. Not spending on payroll is bad enough, but to see something like that is very uninspiring for fans and most likely players.

The nickel-and-dime mentality that fans have attached to the Pittsburgh Pirates looks to be truly how they operate.

Overall there is some good information in the article. There are some stories that have been out there already, but still shed a negative light on the Organization. The new stories should just continue to reinforce that Bob Nutting, the owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates, is a businessman and is in the business of making money. The thing about it is that he can do both, we see it all over Major League Baseball. Instead, we as fans continue to be punished for supporting an Organization, a team, and their history and are expected to just be content.