Pirates Rumors: Starting Pitcher to Headline Any Bryan Reynolds Deal

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets
Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

If the Pittsburgh Pirates decide to move their star outfielder they will get a lot in return. Apparently, they want any deal to have a top-flight starting pitcher.

It seems it is inevitable at this point that the Pittsburgh Pirates are going to trade Bryan Reynolds. It is not a matter of if but when at this point. He has demanded a trade, the Bucs clearly are not willing to give him close to the money he wants, and rumors just continue to pick up.

In fact, a sort-of rumor just came out dealing with Bryan Reynold within the last day or so. Jon Morosi of MLB Network tweeted that the Pirates still have a very high asking price for their star outfielder. Morosi tweeted about a potential return:

"If trade Bryan Reynolds this offseason, they’re looking for at least one top starting pitcher to headline the package — such as Bobby Miller or Ricky Tiedemann, both of whom rank among the top 40 prospects in, per ."

Of course, the Pittsburgh Pirates do not have to trade Bryan Reynolds this offseason. He has multiple years of team control left and is still very affordable, scheduled to make just under $7 million dollars in 2023. However, when a player's trade demands become public, it is hard to imagine a situation where he is in the Opening Day lineup with the Pirates.

It is also good news to see that the Pirates are prioritizing high end pitching prospects. Over the years even before their days with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Ben Cherington and Steven Sanders have always leaned toward hitting prospects via the Draft. We have seem then do that with them taking Nick Gonzales, Henry Davis, and Termarr Johnson with their top picks since being hired.

It is hard to imagine a trade that will make any fans of the Pirates happy. Reynolds is literally calling out the Pittsburgh Pirates essentially by requesting a trade. Still, he is their best player and just another example of a good player who is going to be with another team. Hopefully, they can get that top flight starter that will make it worth it.