Pitching Upgrades: 3 Pitchers the Bucs should Show Interest In this Offseason

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The Pittsburgh Pirates are facing a critical offseason where they need to make aggressive moves to upgrade their lackluster pitching staff. After years of bargain shopping for low-end rotation arms, it is time for the Pirates to finally invest in acquiring premium pitching talent. Building a competitive rotation capable of contending will require more than dumpster diving for back-end starters.

The Pirates must set their sights on legitimate arms that can transform the staff. In this slideshow, we'll explore three potential high-impact starters the Pirates should pursue: Jordan Montgomery, Jack Flaherty, and Frankie Montas. Any one of these pitchers would provide a massive boost. Landing an arm of this caliber would signal a bold new era and a real commitment to building a winner.

The Pirates have a chance to inject badly needed elite talent into the rotation. Let's examine why these three pitchers should top the wishlist for the Pirates this winter. Keep in mind, this is simply saying that the Pirates should be involved in these bigger names this offseason, with some being more realistic than others.