Pittsburgh Pirates: 10 Years and 10 Rounds of the 2013 MLB Draft

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Left-handed pitcher Cody Dickson was taken by the Pirates in the fourth round of the 2013 draft. Dickson showcased promise during his time in the minor leagues, but a series of arm injuries and ineffectiveness ultimately forced him to retire from professional baseball in 2018. He left the Bucs after the 2017 season and stuck around in Independent Ball before retiring.

Trae Arbet, a shortstop with good defensive skills, was the Pittsburgh Pirates fifth-round selection in 2013. However, Arbet struggled to make significant progress in the organization, and he was eventually released after just 26 games in 2018. He was a career .226 hitter and never made it above Single-A.

The Pittsburgh Pirates best pick in the 2013 MLB Draft would end up being their 6th round pick, Adam Frazier.

In the sixth round, the Pirates unearthed a gem in infielder Adam Frazier out of Mississippi State. Frazier quickly climbed through the minor league ranks and made his major league debut in 2016. He proved to be a versatile player with a knack for getting on base. Frazier became an integral part of the Pirates' lineup, providing solid defense and consistent hitting before being traded to the San Diego Padres in 2021. He still is having an impact on the Organization as 2 of the 3 players acquired in the deal are with the Big League team. Both Jack Suwinski and Tucupita Marcano were acquired for the 2013 Draft pick.

Right-handed pitcher Buddy Borden was the Pirates' seventh-round pick in 2013. Borden showed promise in the minors but faced challenges with consistency. He was eventually traded to the Tampa Bay Rays in 2014. While Borden's major league opportunities were limited, his time in the Pirates' organization contributed to his development as a pitcher. He would be traded for Sean Rodriguez, a key bench piece for the team in 2014 and 2015.