Pittsburgh Pirates 2023 Draft Class: Who is Joining the Organization? Who is not?

2023 MLB Draft presented by Nike
2023 MLB Draft presented by Nike / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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Day 3: All picks on day 3 of the Draft are allowed to receive at most $150K. However, any savings from other selections can be given to go over the $150K "slot".

- Pick 317: Magdiel Cotto, P, Kentucky (KY): $197K
- Pick 347: Khristian Curtis, P, Arizona State (AZ): $497K
- Pick 377: Charles McAdoo, 2B, San Jose State (CA): $150K
- Pick 407: Garrett McMillan, P, Alabama (AL): $150K
- Pick 437: John Lopez, C, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy (PR): $125K
- Pick 467: Justin Miknis, C, Kent State (OH): $75K
- Pick 497: Daniel Cuvet, 3B, ESB Academy (FL): DID NOT SIGN. Committed to the Miami Hurricanes
- Pick 527: Kalae Harrison, SS, NC State (NC): $150K
- Pick 557: Tyler Kennedy, P, Florida SouthWestern State College: $172K
- Pick 587: Peyton Stumbo, P, Nevada (NV): $150K

Overall the Pittsburgh Pirat sspent just over $17 million on their 2023 Draft class. They failed to sign one high school player in Daniel Cuvet. Cuvet was ranked as a top 250 prospect by MLB Pipeline, but the Bucs were not able to work out a deal with him. While they could have been more aggressive in spots, it looks to be a college heavy Draft which could suggest their hopes to compete in the near term future.