Pittsburgh Pirates Draft: Best Position Player Tools Available

Who has the best tools among the position players?

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The MLB draft is rapidly approaching, and the Pittsburgh Pirates have the number one overall pick. But who has the best tools among the group of position players?

The NCAA college season wrapped up with Louisiana State University taking two-of-three games in the Men’s College World Series against the University of Florida. MLB’s draft combine has also started. With that, the biggest event that amateur players have to look forward to now is the Major League Baseball draft, which will kick off July 9th during the week of All-Star festivities.

The Pittsburgh Pirates lucked themselves into the first overall pick. The first round of this year’s draft was decided through a draft lottery. That means while the Pirates have the number one pick, they’ll only have the fourth pick in the rounds following the first round. On top of that, they’ll also have a competitive balance round B pick, which is after the second round, and the 67th overall pick.

The draft, as usual, will have plenty of talent to keep an eye on. However, what players have the best tools? Today, we’ll look at the best tools among position players. This includes hit, power, speed, fielding ability, and arm.