Pittsburgh Pirates 2023 Opening Day Roster Prediction: Version 4.0

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Outfield - Bryan Reynolds, Jack Suwinski, Andrew McCutchen, Connor Joe

The players projected to make up the Pirate outfield have not changed. However, how the outfield is constructed could be changing as it appears that Bryan Reynolds could be playing more left field this season.

Reynolds played left field when he was first promoted to the majors in 2019. After being the team's primary center fielder the best two seasons, it appears he could be sliding back over to left field in an effort to watch his work load.

This would likely lead to Jack Suwinski seeing plenty of starts in center field. However, with Suwinski looking like a platoon player, this could create some question marks as to who starts in center against left-handed pitching. Reynolds may just simply slide back over to center field in those situations. Bae could also factor into the center field equation.

Between right field and designated hitter Andrew McCutchen will be in the lineup nearly every day for the Pittsburgh Pirates. It could be in right field, first base, or designated hitter, but Connor Joe should be in the lineup when the Pirates face a left-handed starting pitcher.