Pittsburgh Pirates 2023 Spring Training: Brubaker, Lineup for 2/27

St. Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates
St. Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Pirates will play in their second Spring Training game of the 2023 Grape Fruit League Schedule. Here is the lineup for the game against the Phillies.

The Pittsburgh Pirates lost their first Spring Training game of the 2023 year, but it was still exciting to watch. To see this team's lineup coming together, Mitch Keller throws the ball well, and some of the new talents are what Spring Training is about. Another thing that made the game exciting was the talent that would be subbed in for the starters. For once, this Organization is not sending out journeymen veterans who shouldn't be on rosters.

Today, the Bucs will face the Philadelphia Phillies in their second game of Grape Fruit League action. On the mound will be JT Brubaker. Expect Brubaker to go about 2 innings, the same that Keller did. The offense will lineup this way to start:

In terms of the lineup, there are three hitters starting that did not appear in Saturday's contest with the Blue Jays. The big two are Ke'Bryan Hayes and Bryan Reynolds, the two of the team's most important position players. Obviously, there has been a lot of rhetoric around the Pittsburgh Pirates and contract talks with Reynolds. It will be interesting to see how Reynolds performs in the early going.

For Hayes, this represents a new year and a new opportunity to take a step forward. Hayes has shown a lot of potential. Everyone knows he is the best defender in the game at third base. However, injuries have led to his bat developing a little slower. The metrics are there, he just needs to stay healthy and lift the baseball more in the air. If he can do this, then Hayes will have a breakout year. The Bucs take on the Phillies today at 1:05 be sure to tune in to catch Brubaker, Reynolds, and Hayes.