Pittsburgh Pirates: 3 Pitching Prospects Looking to Bounce Back in 2024

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The pursuit of a strong pitching staff is an enduring objective in Major League Baseball, and the Pittsburgh Pirates have been trying to build through their minor league system. There are some big time pitching prospects that will be making their way up the system such as Paul Skenes, Anthony Solometo, Jared Jones, and Bubba Chandler.

However, the 2023 season has brought forth the realization that not all pitching prospects progressed as anticipated. This was even more apparent when the Major League staff started to falter. Pitchers like Quinn Priester and Luis Ortiz looked lost at times. Roansy Contreras was sent away after a disastrous start to the season and never returned.

While it would be nice for the Pittsburgh Pirates to actually bring in some quality upside starting pitching, it still is not the approach of the Owner or Front Office. They continue to bring in short-term veterans like Martin Perez and Marcos Gonzales. Yet, their top pitching prospects did not perform last year. Now of course there are more pitchers on the way, but its more of a quantity over quality. Pitchers Like JC Flowers, Po Yu Chen, and Jackson Wolf all could be parts of the Major League roster sooner rather than later. However, all three took steps back in 2023: