Pittsburgh Pirates: A Plan Starting to Appear for Henry Davis

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Pittsburgh Pirates
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Pittsburgh Pirates / Matt Brown/GettyImages

Many fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates have been clamoring for the team to promote Henry Davis to the Big Leagues. Davis, one of the team's top-hitting prospects, has put together an impressive season so far at Double-A. Also, he plays catcher, a position that the team is not getting much production from in terms of offense.

The good news is that the Pittsburgh Pirates are starting to operate as if they are going to promote the former #1 overall pick. However, it may not be to fill the catching position. In fact, it seems like he could be playing multiple spots.

Davis has recently spent a lot of time not playing behind the plate. He is catching, playing right field, and working as the designated hitter some nights. Are the Pittsburgh Pirates prepping him for a promotion?

If you look at the Bucs lineup currently it would make a lot of sense. One, it is obvious that this team will not move on from Austin Hedges. Everyone knew that when they had signed him that he would not hit much, so his season thus far should not be surprising. The pitchers rave and the coaching staff rave about Hedges and it is hard to argue against the results we have seen from the pitching staff.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are having Henry Davis play some other positions, mainly positions that the Big League club needs reinforcements at.

The Bucs also have had hit-or-miss production from right field and the designated hitter spot. Andrew McCutchen really struggled out of the DH spot, but he also cannot be expected to play the field every day. Davis could help spell those two spots and with him all of a sudden getting more reps in those spots it seems like that will be the case.

On the year Davis is hitting .314 with an OPS over 1.100. These are numbers that are among the league leaders in Double-A. Add that in with the fact that he was the top overall selection out of a college and he definitely needs to be up. If he continues to move around the field like we are seeing a promotion could be coming sooner rather than later.