Pittsburgh Pirates Add Pitching in Mock Trade with AL Central Team

San Francisco Giants v Pittsburgh Pirates
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Also, he likely is a pitcher they could acquire without giving up to much. A fear for all fans is for the Pittsburgh Pirates to get rid of the wrong guys. Kopech is not in the upper tier in terms of prospect cost. The Pittsburgh Pirates would have to offer up 1 of Nick Gonzales or Liover Peguero. Plus another piece looking. A prospect such as Colin Selby or Kyle Nichols could make logical sense as a secondary piece.

The other part of this is all 4 prospects named above could, if not should, be in the Majors this season. Nichols is the furthest away from the group, but Peguero has made his debut, and Gonzalez and Selby are at Triple-A. The proximity of the prospects helps with the overall value of this deal. Would you make this deal?

So would you trade one of the infield prospects and one of the pitching prospects for 27-year-old starter Michael Kopech who is controlled through the 2024 season? While there is risk in the health of Kopech, the Pittsburgh Pirates probably can get him to the next level with his stuff. Plus the Bucs have the depth in a big position of need for the White Sox. What do you say? Comment below!