Pittsburgh Pirates: An Early Three-Round Mock Draft

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The 2023 draft will give the Pittsburgh Pirates a chance to select one of the two most hyped names in recent college baseball history, so let's take a look at a too early mock draft.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have the first overall pick in the 2023 draft, making it the second time in three years since the Pirates have the first overall pick. This year's draft also looks to be one of the more interesting ones as it holds maybe the best talents the amateur world has seen in quite a while. Regardless, the Pirates will have yet another opportunity to make a significant addition to their farm system.

Last year, the Pirates selected Termarr Johnson with their first-round pick. Then in 2021, they went under slot and picked Henry Davis, but also were able to secure Anthony Solometo and Bubba Chandler, two more prospects who were considered top 20 talents heading into the draft. Now with the #1 pick once again, the team will have free reign over the first round.

It's still way early as the draft will not commence for nearly another seven months, but based on current rankings, what could a potential three-round mock draft look like for the Pirates?