Pittsburgh Pirates: Andrew McCutchen Open to Coming Back?

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The Pittsburgh Pirates desperately need to improve the on-field product in 2023, especially after another 100-loss season. Could they bring back an old friend?

When the Pittsburgh Pirates traded away outfielder Andrew McCutchen, many were disappointed. He not only was a great player and person but he will always be known as one of the modern-day icons for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The trade also represented the Organization moving in a new direction, a start of a rebuild.

The Pittsburgh Pirates traded away McCutchen to the San Fransisco Giants. In return, the Bucs received reliever Kyle Crick and then prospect Bryan Reynolds. Reynolds obviously has flourished and made the trade much easier to swallow since it went down.

After the season McCutchen would sign a big contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. He would eventually be moved and spent this past year with the Milwaukee Brewers. Now the 36-year-old right-handed hitter is once again a free agent. He likely is looking for one more contract or so, nothing substantial or long-term. So could the Pirates have an interest in bringing him back?

Well, from the Pittsburgh Pirates side of things it is hard to say. However, it appears Andrew McCutchen is very much open to a reunion with his Original team. Cutch recently liked a video that proposed a reunion between the two sides. Click here to see Andrew McCutchen's Twitter, look under the "likes" category and it should be right at the top. Here is the tweet from Talkin Baseball, a group that has a pretty large following: Click here

Now the Pittsburgh Pirates did trade for Connor Joe. Joe is expected to be the right-handed compliment in the outfield. However, there is always the chance that the team will trade away Bryan Reynolds. Doing so would open up an outfield position for Cutch and of course others to rotate through. Cutch would also be able to help in the Designated Hitter spot.