Pittsburgh Pirates: Andrew McCutchen Receives Recognition in a Video Game

Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day
Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

When the team brought back outfielder Andrew McCutchen it symbolized a lot of things to the Organization and Fan Base. He truly is and will always be an icon for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

On March 28th, and for early birds on March 24th, MLB The Show 23 will hit consoles World Wide. With the World Baseball Classic finishing up around the same time, this is expected to be one of the more popular games released this quarter. I will be getting it on the 24th and as per tradition I will run through the Pittsburgh Pirates and the overalls for their players and prospects and my reactions to those.

Still, there has not been a whole lot of information about the game itself released. Over the past few years, the game has been relatively redundant, with the newest feature being Ball Park Building. While this is a cool feature, I hope to see better-produced gameplay and high-quality game modes.

One of the parts that most fans like to play is the Diamond Dynasty game mode. This allows users to create teams based on players they receive in virtual card form, the better you play and the more you play the more packs you will get to open for better players. This has been a popular feature in games including Ultimate Team in Madden. This year, MLB The Show 23 is releasing cards for the Captains of each team. Today they posted their National League Central Captain Cards:

This was an easy decision I am sure for the creators. In general, the National League Central is very impressive boasting Andrew McCutchen, Adam Wainwright, and Joey Votto. These three players will no doubt be inducted into their Organization's respected Hall of Fames. It also is just refreshing to see a name that brings positive feelings to fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Not putting someone on there just for the sake of finding a Pirate, but a Pirate who means more to this Franchise than fans of other teams will ever know.