Pittsburgh Pirates: Anonymous Execs Vote on Prospects

Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day
Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Day / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

Recently, the team at MLB Pipeline put together a poll for League Executives about prospects. The Pittsburgh Pirates were brought up a few times.

Every year during Major League Baseball's offseason the team at MLB Pipeline finds new and creative ways to introduce fans to the upcoming prospects. This all started years ago of course with the classic rankings. However, other ideas have come out over the years from the team. Some articles included potential rookie of the year candidates to watch, "all-prospect teams", and many other ideas.

This year the team at MLB Pipeline put together a new article based on a pretty cool idea. Jonathan Mayo broke down each team's farm systems by asking different Front Office members, scouts, and coaches about all the top prospects in Baseball, rather than just their own teams'. Of course, this was all done anonymously.

The Pittsburgh Pirates saw three of their prospects get mentioned in the final article posted by Mayo. The three prospects talked about are catcher Henry Davis, infielder Termarr Johnson, and catcher Endy Rodriguez. Each was recognized for different categories.

Former first overall Draft pick Henry Davis is the first to show up in the piece. He received votes for being one of the prospects with the best Baseball IQ. This makes sense being that he is an experienced catcher from a highly regarded Baseball program in Louisville. He has not seemed overwhelmed at any level since joining the Pittsburgh Pirates Organization.

It is a really good sign to see infield prospect Termarr Johnson already being noted by League Execs. Johnson was the Pittsburgh Pirates first-round pick in 2022, the 4th overall selection. While he was Drafted out of high school some labeled him as the best pure bat in the Draft. Well, it looks like Execs still believe that. Johnson played in 18 total games last season after signing.

Finally, Endy Rodriguez starts to get some recognition. Rodriguez had just about the best season out of any prospect in Baseball. He casually mashed an OPS of about 1.000 in his 2022 campaign. On Mayo's poll, Rodriguez was considered to be one of the most underrated prospects.

This is/was definitely true during the 2022 season. Even with him posting monster numbers his name did not start to gain recognition until the end of the season. Of course, gaining recognition from others around the League and not just those involved with the Pittsburgh Pirates.