Pittsburgh Pirates: Assessing the Best Free Agent Signings of the Past 25 Years

Which GM has the best track record of attracting talent to Pittsburgh?
Milwaukee Brewers v Pittsburgh Pirates
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Carlos Santana (Nov. 2022, 1 year, $6.75 million)

Even in a relatively down year for the first baseman, Santana provided both tangible and intangible value. His fielding and leadership steadied the rest of the infield, who averaged 24 years of age. He also turned in quality at-bats, ranking above the 75th percentile in chase, K, and walk rate.

The true value of this signing, somewhat like Quintana’s, relies on the outcome of the trade that moved Santana to Milwaukee in late July 2023. In exchange for the veteran first baseman, Pittsburgh received 18-year-old shortstop Jhonny Severino. As of now, he has yet to play a full season of pro ball, but his early results in the Minors have been exciting. Ultimately, Pirates fans will have to wait several more years to assess whether the No. 30 prospect in the system pans out.