Pittsburgh Pirates: Attendance has Increased Dramatically in 2023

St Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates
St Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

In recent times, a noticeable trend has emerged across Major League Baseball—teams are experiencing a surge in average attendance. This phenomenon holds true even for the Pittsburgh Pirates, a team that has faced its share of challenges over the years. What's particularly remarkable is that the Pirates are among the select few teams that have witnessed one of the largest increases in attendance.

As fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates, we were all very much excited because of the hot start to the season. The excitement of early victories, intense games, and standout performances can effortlessly draw fans to the ballpark. This enthusiasm translates to increased attendance, as people want to be a part of the action and rally behind their team. The interesting thing is that the team has significantly dropped off in terms of their win-loss record. So why are fans still so interested?

PNC Park's reputation precedes it, and rightfully so. The scenic views, the iconic city skyline, and the overall ballpark experience have transformed it into not just a stadium but a tourist attraction. Fans are no longer simply attending a game; they are participating in an unforgettable experience. It's a testament to how the environment can enhance the overall enjoyment of a baseball game. The allure of PNC Park undoubtedly plays a role in the attendance surge. More and more people travel every year and one can typically find a good bit of opposing fans for weekend games in Pittsburgh

As we've seen in the world of sports, development is a key factor in success. The Pirates' prospects are quietly but surely laying the foundation for an exciting future. Imagine the impact on attendance if these prospects continue to evolve into legitimate players. The fans saw this about 15 years ago when the team started to move up their then-top prospects Andrew McCutchen, Neil Walker, and Jose Tabata, to name a few.

With Codify reporting a jump of just over 5000 fans per game, it's clear that the Pirates are on the right track. This significant increase takes them from an average of about 15,000 fans per home game to over 20,000. Now, let's consider the exciting potential: What if this team not only starts winning but also develops its prospects into standout players? The games will no doubt be packed and that number would go up even more. One thing about fans in Pittsburgh is they love a good sporting event.

From a hot start to the allure of PNC Park and the promise of talented prospects, the pieces are falling into place for a brighter era of Pirates baseball. The question is whether or not those pieces will fit together. The team still has a ways to go to add talent to make them more competitive, but if they do they will find a full ball park ready to back them.