Pittsburgh Pirates: Ben Cherington Needs to be Better

Houston Astros v Pittsburgh Pirates
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A lot can be said about the Pittsburgh Pirates over the last two months of the season. We have made it known on Twitter our displeasure with how things have gone. While a lot of the blame can easily be placed on the players or the coaches, Ben Cherington needs to be held more accountable and also start treating the fan base better.

What do I mean by this? Earlier this week he basically admitted that the Pittsburgh Pirates, who now have a losing record, have surpassed their expectations:

Congrats, you surprised teams because we are not on track to lose 100 games again? Everyone can see what has taken place in the last month of the season. The holes on this team are becoming more and more glaring by the day yet the answers are Minor League journeymen.

The Pittsburgh Pirates got off to a great start and everything was great. Then the fan base was quickly shown that they need not get too excited. The Oneil Cruz injury shook this team there is no doubt about that at this point. Since he has been out of the lineup the team is 19-24. They played really well at first, but they took advantage of some other poor teams like the Reds, Cardinals, and Rockies.

However, whenever they were swept by Tampa it was shown that this offense was missing the threat of Oneil Cruz. Instead, they replaced him with Chris Owings. Nothing against Chris Owings he has had a Major League career and is a fine veteran. However, he is not an impact player at any level. Yes, this team needed someone who could play shortstop, but they also decided to leave Tucapita Marcano down instead.

Ben Cherington did not prioritize bringing up the best talent available at the position, who HAS Major League experience. Instead, he presented the clubhouse with a guy that will probably be off the roster before the All-Star Break. There is no sense of urgency to win shown in a move like that, especially to a clubhouse and fan base that knows they are exceeding expectations.

Instead, Ben Cherington has basically told us to be patient we aren't supposed to be this good yet. Just like Neal Huntington use to do, pushing their vision onto the fan base like we are not watching what is taking place. Super-2 is a word that no one wants to hear or talk about. In a day and age when there is more exposure to prospects and their numbers it is hard to hide talent.