Pittsburgh Pirates: Ben Cherington Needs to be Better

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So stop trying to. Stop with saying they need more time behind the plate in Endy Rodriguez and Henry Davis's case. The fan base is not buying it, not right now. We have been told for the last 3.5 years to trust the process the Front Office was putting into play.

We have, yet nothing seems different. Our best player is out of the lineup, the offense is struggling, and our two best bats in the minors can't come up because of this Front Office being complacent with another season heading in the wrong direction. Ben Cherington came into the Pittsburgh Pirates Organization preaching changes, and how things were going to be more player oriented.

Instead, we are seeing the same manipulation that we saw from the last regime. Henry Davis has been one of the more impressive hitters at Double-A this year, his reward has been to stay at Double-A. The former #1 overall selection is mashing the ball in the upper minors and the team needs offense but yet nothing changes. Instead, we get Josh Palacios and Miguel Andujar.

Also in the case of the catchers needing more time behind the dish to learn, why can they not do that at the Big League level? Austin Hedges is supposed to be just a catcher's-catcher so why wouldn't they learning from him be super valuable? Also, Henry Davis more so than Endy has seen time at other positions in the field, so are we purely focused on them improving behind the dish?

The other comical part of this is the number of mental mistakes and errors that the Pittsburgh Pirates have had this year. A lot of fans have called it "little league errors" which is not far off. The answer to that is the team is young and still learning. So why are they contradicting themselves? If they are okay with guys like Jack Suwinski and Rodolfo Castro making mistakes because they are learning, then why can't the same be said for Henry Davis and Endy Rodriguez?

Because none of it is true. It is all about Super-2 status and not about the urgency to win. Here we are on the cusp of June, about the time when teams start to be less concerned with it. Super-2 is not an exact date but a formula based on service time, which is extremely complicated. Anyhow it typically falls sometime in June.