Pittsburgh Pirates: Ben Cherington Needs to be Better

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If the player gets the proper amount of service time, then they become eligible for a fourth year of arbitration which could mean multiple millions of dollars. This is more than a team like the Bucs want to spend or project to spend. That also would not affect the Organization until 6 seasons down the road. That is the joke of it, it is not an immediate consequence. If the player is still on your team at that point then he probably is worth the money you are paying him.

Ben Cherington needs to start turning this around. The spark this fan base had from good baseball was the most excitement for the Bucs in years. Instead of going for it and calling up the best players (who are Big League-ready), we settle for the hopes that we do not have to pay these players too much more than we have to. Is it about winning? How can it be when we sit here on the cusp of June knowing that Endy Rodriguez and/or Henry Davis are still in the minors? But there will be a relief as Super-2 passes they will call up their two best-hitting prospects.

It is Ben Cherington's way out, the calendar keeps moving. All he had to do was kick the can down the road for an extra month and now here were are with a better record than he expected and now he will promote his hitters like he is making an aggressive impactful move. When really if he was urgent about winning he would have made that move a month ago instead of watching the offense drown and the fan base with it. We know the Super-2 game stop with the half-truths and misdirecting.