Pittsburgh Pirates: Best Performing Unranked Prospects

Dodgers v Pirates
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have a handful of unranked prospects who are performing well. These four have performed the best among their unranked prospects.

A lot of Pittsburgh Pirates fans are right now heavily focused on Henry Davis' insane start to 2023. Both Thomas Harrington and Luis Ortiz are shoving at their respective levels, as are Jared Jones, Bubba Chandler, and Anthony Solometo. But intermixed between all these highly regarded prospects are ones that aren't on many if any, prospect lists. 

Like how in the major leagues not every lineup spot can be occupied by an all-star, and not a top prospect can take up every roster spot on a team's minor league affiliate. On top of that, there are a handful of productive big leaguers who were never once highly touted prospects. 

That's the kind of prospects we are going to highlight today. The ones who are currently performing exceptionally well but aren't on any prospect lists. The prospect lists I chose to include for this are FanGraphs, MLB Pipeline, and Baseball America.