Pittsburgh Pirates: Best Performing Unranked Prospects

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Dominic Perachi

Dominic Perachi was the Pirates' 11th round pick. The southpaw was selected out of Salve Regina University, which is a division three NCAA program. While you typically don't see D3 prospects receive much recognition, Perachi had some major gains in his last season, which helped him get drafted by the Bucs.

Perachi made his professional debut this year, and he's done admirably well. It's only been 15.2 innings, but he has a 2.87 ERA, has yet to allow a home run, and has a quality 25.3% strikeout rate. Perachi has run into some bad luck, which his mediocre walk rate has only compounded to start the season.

Perachi has an 11.3% walk rate at the time of writing this, and batters have a .404 batting average on balls in play. It's been a mix of bloop hits and walks that have brought Perachi down. Also, it's worth adding context to his walk rate. While he has given up eight walks, half of those came in his third start of the year. 

Keep in mind that Perachi is the same age as Sullivan. That doesn't mean I think that Perachi should outright skip Greensboro and be thrown straight into action at Altoona, but a decent month of May could earn him a promotion to High-A.