Pittsburgh Pirates: Candidates to Be Optioned to Triple-A When Bryan Reynolds Returns

Who could go when Bryan Reynolds returns?

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The Pittsburgh Pirates are about halfway through Bryan Reynolds' injury list placement, so who will go to Triple-A once the All-Star outfielder returns to the lineup?

The Pittsburgh Pirates placed Bryan Reynolds on the injured list at the very worst time, as they were in the midst of a terrible losing streak. Not only was losing Reynolds horrible timing, but it also took one of the Pirates’ most productive batters out of their lineup. At the time, Reynolds was slashing .279/.350/.473 with a .354 wOBA and 122 wRC+. Reynolds had a solid 9.5% walk rate and a strong 18.7% strikeout rate.

However, Reyolds’ injury list placement was retroactive to June 20th. We’re about halfway through his injury list stint, so when he returns, the Pirates will need to send someone to Triple-A. But a few players stand out as potential players to be optioned.